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Written by Администратор   
Thursday, 09 August 2012 15:53

The principles of the "Radomira" organization

Every person has enough inner wisdom to create a harmonious relationship with a partner in the family.

And the presence of some people have difficulties and problems suggests that their own resources and skills are currently not available. And if you want to make an effort to discover the resources that you have in life were standing near a harmonious relationship, then come to us, we will try to help you.

History of the organization -

St. Petersburg Public Organization for the harmonious development of the family and the individual "Center" Radomir "was registered in July 2005.

The mission of the organization -

Promotion of a harmonious personality and harmonious relationships in the family and society.

Objectives of the organization -

Fostering the optimal conditions for the harmonious development of the family and the individual, the creation, preservation and development of constructive family relationships, protection of motherhood, childhood and fatherhood, strengthen the prestige and role of marriage and family identity, as a component of the cell in the society.

Our task -

  • psychological services, facilitate the provision of social and legal assistance in various stages of development of the individual and the family, including in addressing individual and family problems;
  • promote the protection of human rights and equal opportunities for personal development and family formation of cultural, gender and social relations;
  • development of cooperation between the state and civil society to improve the situation of people in difficult situations;
  • the analytical and statistical research in the area of ​​family relations, human rights, including the rights of children and women affected by violence, the study of the causes of human rights violations, as well as the causes of discrimination and violence, to find ways to overcome them;
  • Creating groups of young family workshops on preparing young couples for marriage.
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